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Cherish the life of concern about the tire pressure treasure life pressure
 Date: 2017/3/4 11:43:46  
Tire pressure is normal or not for the safety of the vehicle has a vital role, it is recommended to develop a car tire pressure check habits.
Tire pressure is too high or too low will affect the safety of driving. The tire pressure is too high, the contact area of the tire and the road becomes small, the tire grip reduced (especially will affect the braking distance on slippery road,), will also speed up the middle part of the tire wear, resulting in uneven tire wear. Tire pressure is too high will make the tire is too hard, shock absorption effect is poor, ride comfort variation.
While the tire pressure is too low, is the primary culprit burst. The tire pressure is too low, the one that will cause the increase of the tire and the ground friction coefficient, make the tire overheating; on the other hand will cause the sidewall rubber cord wire in tire rolling to the bottom when the compression deformation is too large, scroll to the top wire back in elastic and tension in the tire, this repeated the deformation will generate heat. When a little heat level exceeds the amount of rubber, rubber will soften and perforation under the action of pressure, pressure in the tyre from the perforation hole so that the high speed extrusion expanding rapidly, blowout occurred.
Data show that 70% of highway accidents caused by tire failure. After the introduction of tire pressure monitoring system has become mandatory equipment, highway traffic safety is expected to be improved.