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Guide for the maintenance of automobile tires and chassis
 Date: 2017/3/4 13:26:56  
Tires and chassis are the two parts of the car from the ground, it can be said that the work environment is very bad parts of the car, in the daily maintenance of the car chassis and tire maintenance is concerned about it?
Tire curing
Should pay attention to regular replacement of tires, a tire and durable, can not use a lifetime, some people work easily, the car use frequency is low, after several years of use a set of tires, tire tread surface is intact, but the performance actually tires will also increase with time and slowly aging, quality gradually if there is no reduction, understand this point, since that "looks good" is no problem that tyre is wrong.
Maintenance of tire tread, first clear the stone in the inclusions, check the tire will have no bubble, delamination, laceration, aging, variable die failure; secondly in removing the tyre, rust and tubeless rims, check no damage or lining with wrinkling phenomenon, according to the provisions of the tire pressure of the inflation. Flanging or transposition. In addition, check the tire and the wing plate and the soleplate, leaf spring, fender and so has no friction touch hanging phenomenon.
Chassis parts
From the point of view of the use of the chassis components is actually easier than the engine problems, but in routine maintenance, a lot of people tend to ignore the inspection of chassis components. Chassis prone to failure is mainly concentrated in the:
1, shock absorber: oil leakage is the precursor of the shock absorber damage, in addition, the bad road on the road bumps significantly increased or braking distance is also a sign of shock damage.
2, the suspension control arm rubber sleeve: the rubber sleeve damage after the vehicle will appear deviation, put a series of failures, even if the four wheel alignment is of no avail. If the chassis is carefully checked, it is easy to detect the damage of the rubber sleeve.
3, the steering rod: steering rod relaxation is a serious security risks, therefore, in routine maintenance, we must carefully check this part. The practice is very simple: hold the pull rod, hard to shake, if there is no shaking, it means that everything is normal, otherwise, it should replace the ball or pull rod assembly.
4, the exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe is one of the most easily damaged parts of the vehicle maintenance, don't forget to look at. Especially with three catalytic converter exhaust pipe, should be carefully checked.
5, the joint boot boot: don't underestimate the joint outside, it not only has the dust-proof function, can prevent grease around the joint erosion, dust cover once damaged, grease soon due to erosion, dry grinding, joint damage easily.